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The 2006 Encinian case is considered one of the urban myths of the channel that emerged since that year, where for now it was considered a theory about what happpened on that day (April 3rd, 2006) in Encinas until it went viral in 2019 and 2020 about something considered as an "anecdote in the history of the channel".

Boomerang in Encinas[]

Boomerang was launched in Encinas, as a linear channel on July 2nd, 2001, this time broadcasting the pan-regional Latin Anlican feed. With the same graphics and programming from the ANF variant of the channel. It used to air classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons that had been dropped from the Latin Anlican variant of Cartoon Network back then.

Its initial audience focus was adult audiences like the other international variants of the channel, which featured a diverse selection of cartoons from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, most of them by Hanna-Barbera.


Due to the low audience ratings where it suffered from the pan-regional signal. In October 2005, it was announced that the channel will undergo a radical change for April 3, 2006, this time, announcing that it will compete against Disney Channel (where it had high audience ratings for 2005, including Encinas). Whose reaction from viewers on the internet was somewhat controversial.

On April 3, 2006, Boomerang is relaunched after failing to meet Turner's expectations and changing its focus to children, youth and adults, introducing a logo and on-air branding style identical to that of Pogo. Classic cartoons were pushed to the overnight and early morning hours, while the daytime lineup began to feature live-action and animated series; this also encompassed a variation of the Tiny TV block, Mini TV (who is also aired on Cartoon Network's Malleco feed since 2005). Under the slogan of "El nuevo canal para chicos"

What happened in Encinas?[]

On April 3, 2006, at 3:42 am, the channel was momentarily cut off, on XYZ, Encom, Cablevision and Sky. Which were the 3 cable operators, and the satellite operator, that suffered the channel on that day. It is not known what had happened at that time, while many cable companies decided to replace it with a filler, among them during the first hours, XYZ and Cablevision had replaced the channel with the radio station "Radio Seychennes International" where it was broadcast in both French and Spanish, with a "technical difficulties" plaque. Meanwhile, Encom had replaced with Radio Encinero audio filler with a "El canal volverá después de estos ajustes ..." (meaning is: "The channel will return after these settings..."), and Sky had black-out the channel.

At 12:00pm (Encinas time), there was a screen freeze when Boomerang Latin Anlica somehow returned on the air, then it was interrupted after 2 minutes. And the filler programming returns, except for Encom who replaced to C-SPAN/VOA signal. Meanwhile, Sky had replaced by channel promos. Meanwhile during these hours, there was many calls from subscribers to Encom, Cablevision, XYZ and SKY about that situation. But in forums there was talking about a conspiracy theory about "a boycott against the rebranding"

At 7:45pm (Encinas time), after many calls about that case. XYZ had made a press release about Boomerang situation:

Debido por dificultades entre Turner Encinas y XYZ, sobre el relanzamiento de Boomerang, hemos exigido disculpas a los teleespectadores sobre todo esto, a partir de unas horas, podrán sintonizar la señal de "Boomerang Malleco" en el dial donde pertenece Boomerang. En donde probablemente, va a quedar con nosostros por un largo tiempo. Agradezcamos todo esto
(Due to difficulties between Turner Encinas and XYZ, regarding the relaunch of Boomerang, we have apologized to viewers about all this, from a few hours, they will be able to tune into the "Boomerang Malleco" signal on the dial where Boomerang belongs. Where he is probably going to stay with us for a long time. We appreciate all this)


At 7:51pm, Encom had made a press release about Boomerang, when was used as warning caption at down too, when retransmitting C-SPAN and VOA:

Debido por decisión de la compañia, el canal Boomerang será reemplazado por Boomerang Malleco. Pedimos disculpas sobre estas dificultades tecnicas.
(Due to company decision, the Boomerang channel will be replaced by Boomerang Malleco. We apologize for these technical difficulties.)

Meanwhile Sky doesn't made a press release, but there was a replacement for EPG, instead of "Boomerang" is "BOOMERANG MALLECO"

At 7:55pm, on the Encinian TV Forum website, viewers take their cameras out. At 8:00pm, people from Encinian TV Forum had uploaded the relaunch of Boomerang Latin Anlica to Malleco users, and many Mallequinan people on the forums have reacted with negative comments about Boomerang Latin Anlican rebranding on April 3rd 2006.

At 8:12pm, XYZ had finally put Boomerang Malleco on the channel number of Boomerang Latin Anlica, instead to airing "Blue Water High" on Boomerang Latin Anlica, there was a rerun of a Tokantese tokusatsu series called "Kamen Rider Black RX", followed by Hanna-Barbera's cartoon "Top Cat". At 8:15pm, the Encinian TV Forum was chaotic about that confussion betwen Boomerang Malleco on Encinian television.

At 9:01pm, Encom and Sky had put Boomerang Malleco as replacement of Boomerang Latin Anlica. At 10:00pm, many Mallequinians have talking to Encinian people on forums and by telephone about the confussion about Boomerang Malleco in Encinas, with series who never aired in Encinas like Tokantese tokusatsu series (who is dubbed in Malleco since the 70s, but also aired in Encinas until the 90s).

At 10:15pm, about what happened was published in Encinas news portals about that case, which had even aroused the interest of many people in foreign forums, even Toonzone had reported on this case as "a strange incident". And also, at 11:02pm, on a Encinian TV Forum, there was a thread about Boomerang Malleco, with more confussions, that it even suffered problems in the telephone network, this time about the calls from Encinas to Malleco.


A day after the incident. Encinian TV Forums users have reacted more about Boomerang Malleco for example, Mallequinan advertising, TCM Malleco advertising, colorized Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts and tokusatsu programming.

Many days after the situation, Turner Malleco had approved to Encinians about Boomerang Malleco. Like this:

A nombre de Turner Broadcasting System de Malleco, nosotros hemos reaccionado positivamente sobre Boomerang en nuestro pais vecino, Encinas. Tras cartas de reacciones positivas de Encinianos sobre esto, hasta con dibujos de fanaticos, nosotros hemos aprobado a esto. Esto podria significar como un nuevo paso cultural por parte de la relación entre dos países hermanos. Hasta a nombre de la Embajada de Malleco, hemos regalado dulces y postales a todos los que han hecho cartas a nosostros. Gracias por la atención, y sigan viendo Boomerang Malleco en Encinas
(On behalf of Malleco's Turner Broadcasting System, we have reacted positively to Boomerang in our neighboring country, Encinas. After letters of positive reactions from Encinians about this, even with fan drawings, we have approved of this. This could mean a new cultural step on the part of the relationship between two sister countries. Even on behalf of the Malleco Embassy, we have given sweets and postcards to everyone who has written to us. Thanks for your attention, and keep watching Boomerang Malleco in Encinas)

And the gifts from Turner Malleco to Encinians: Mallequinian postals (and a magazine from the embassy called "Malleco Hoy"), sweets (from Nestlé Malleco, Calaf and Nabisco Malleco), several items (pens, notebook, etc) and a mook book called "Bienvenidos a Boomerang para Encinas" (in that are photos and info about Hanna-Barbera cartoons and Toei tokusatsu series). Including pins between Mallequinan flag (1947-97, aka. the sociallist government flag) and Encinian flag as "a co-op between two countries".


Until 2019, the audiovisual material about the incident is considered "lost media". Rumors are even said of a transcript of a phone call from Turner Encinas to Turner Malleco in German language about that case. On December 9, 2019, the audiovisual material was uploaded to the Internet Archive, which even many people believed was false, but was actually a recording of the signal in XYZ. While between January and April 2020, the material recorded on Encom and Sky was uploaded but partially. So far, no transcript of the phone call was found, despite many people talking about this rumor on the forums in 2016.

Currently, Boomerang Malleco is still available in Encinas, but not for Encom, XYZ and Sky since 2015 due to the creation of a local feed. (Some local cable operators carry the Latin Anlican feed)