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AAN (Anlican Anglophone Network) is an international television network, broadcasting several channels of English-language programming.


AAN was formed on January 2nd, 1990, under the Anlican Federation's Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the AAN president by the public broadcasting networks from Anlican Federation, Cambridge, Woodlands, Tuckston, Rivestia (joined with commercial network ITC), Memphis, Chilland, Newston, Encinas (left in 1995) and Malleco (who left in 1993). In years later, Neclavia (in 1993) and Arkancia (in 1996) joins AAN. It was created as a answer against 3sat and TV5.

TEM case[]

The channel joined as a founding member of the consortium in 1990, to bring Malleco's image to the world, but only the newscast (which was in English called "Malleco Report" to be broadcast on TEM2) and some local feature films (with English subtitles). But in 1993, due to the decision to launch an international channel for Eretia and Anlica, TEM withdrew from the consortium as of October 1993, but despite continuing with the channel's distribution until 1998.

That even due to the low number of cable customers in Malleco during the late 80s (and even connection problems in neighborhoods whose coverage was incompatible until 1992), the inclusion of AAN in open-to-air television in the UHF band was offered thru channel 52 in Puren. Which lasted until TEM stopped broadcasting its programming on that channel.

Telepublica case[]

The network was invited to join AAN's consortium in 1991, broadcasting on Channel 19 UHF and most cable systems. Its mission was to bring the Encinian culture to the world, but the programs from the network aired on the channel were "The Encinian Report" and some Encinian films. However its rest of the programming, including Encinian Football League, or teleseries, are prohibited from airing to the channel due to rights.

In 1995, Telepublica made its decision to create an international channel, Telepublica Internacional. At the same time, the network leaved the consortium, but AAN is still distributed on most cable systems.


Current members[]

  • [ANF] PBS - 10%
  • [CAM] CBC-RC-KNR - 10%
  • [WLN] F1 - 10%
  • [TCK] TBC - 10%
  • [RIV] RBC - 5%, ITC - 5%
  • [MEM] MPB - 10%
  • [CHI] CBC - 10%
  • [NEW] NBS - 10%
  • [NEC] PRT - 10%
  • [ARK] ABT - 10%

Former members[]

  • [MLC] TEM (from 1990 to 1993; only airs a English news program from TEM2)
  • [ENC] Telepublica (1991 to 1995, only airs "The Encinian Report")


AAN Kids[]

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AAN Info[]

AAN Info was launched in May 2016, in response to the English version of NotiSUR. Dedicated to broadcasting news from AAN member channels, including AAN's journalistic programs.